The Skipper Chuch Show

Chuck Zink. Not a finer man in the business. Look in the dictionary under the word Nice, and his picture will be in the left-hand column. He was South Florida’s Skipper Chuck, and hosted one of the longest running kids show in the country. 

Chuck Zink Retires

This was Chuck Zink’s last interview before his demise in 2005. He was a powerful force in the television business especially when it came to race relations. He was a trail blazer way back in 1958, years before the civil rights movement. Take a look.

I am proud to say he was my friend, colleague and pal. We both worked together at WXEL which gave me access to personal interviews and great news stories. Chuck Zink Retires was the last interview he gave, just before his death in 2005. RIP my friend… You are missed.