Boynton Beach Soup Kitchen

Honored by the Square

Boynton Lodge No. 236

We caught up with some Freemason’s from Boynton Lodge No. 236. They were assisting the Soup Kitchen in Boynton Beach with their labor and financial support. Even the DeMolay youth program sent some volunteers to lend a hand.

Enrique Zuanetto has since passed, along with R:.W:. Wayne Hansen (white beard) shown serving a tray of food, and Bro. James Kirkpatrick (interview). Boynton Lodge No.236 still supports the soup kitchen.

Honored by the Square

Boynton Lodge No. 236 honor’s local police officers, and one special volunteer.



Most Worshipful John E. Karroum

M:.W:. John Elias Karroum was bom in Damascus, Syria. He graduated from Col­lege de Peres Lazaristes in 1968. He attended Damascus University Medical School and graduated as a Medical Doctor in 1974. After his military service he moved to Venezuela to be with his family in 1977. 

M:.W:. Karroum received the Three Symbolic Degrees of Freemasonry in Zahle Lodge No. 1047, Chartered by The Grand Lodge of Scotland in Zahle, Lebanon, in 1977. 

He is a life member of his mother Lodge. He is also a member of Arawak Lodge No. 8877 Chartered by the United Grand Lodge of England, in Freeport, Grand Baha­mas. He has the honorary title of Past District Senior Grand Warden of The Grand Lodge of the Bahamas and Turks.

M:.W:. Karroum joined Boynton Lodge No. 236, F. & A.M., in 2001 and served as Junior Steward, Senior Deacon, Senior Warden, and as Worshipful Master in 2006. He served as Secretary of his Lodge from 2007 through 2015. He has served his District in various Committee Chairmanships from 2004 through 2014, and as District Instructor in 2007 and 2008. He was appointed District Deputy Grand Master by M:.W:. Jim J Harris in 2011. He also served on the Board of Trustees of the Masonic Home for five years from 2010 through 2015. He served as Chairman of the Admissions and Relief Committee for one year and Chairman of the Budget Committee for the Masonic Home for the three years. M:.W:. Karroum was given the Lifetime Appointment of being the Grand Representative to The Grand Lodge of Scotland for The Grand Lodge of Florida in 2016.

M:.W:. Karroum was elected to the Office of Junior Grand Warden on May 25, 2015, at the 186th Annual Grand Communication then Senior Grand Warden on May 30, 2016, and Deputy Grand Master on May 29, 2017. He was elected Grand Master at the 189th Annual Grand Communication and then installed as Grand Master of Masons of Florida on May 30, 2018.

M:.W:. Karroum is a 32° KCCH Scottish Rite Mason in the Valley of Lake Worth, Lake Worth, Florida, and continues to be an active supporter of the Scottish Rite. He is also a proud member of the Palm Beach York Rite Bodies; Mahi Shriners, AAONMS; and is a member of the Royal Order of Scotland. He is a Gold level Perpetual Member of Boynton Lodge No. 236, F. & A.M., and Apalachicola Lodge No. 76, F. & A.M.

M:.W:. Karroum loves to read history, mostly ancient, and he enjoys spending time with his family. He enjoys traveling, mostly to Europe and ancient cities. He enjoys listening to music and has a vast collection of all types of music. He has a passion for hand woven Persian rugs of which he is also a collector.

John E. Karroum   1950-2019

Masonic Cornerstone Ceremony


The cornerstone (or foundation stone or setting stone) is the first stone set in the construction of a  masonry foundation. All other stones will be set in reference to this stone, thus determining the position of the entire structure .

Over time a cornerstone became a ceremonial Masonry stone, set in a prominent location on the outside of a building, with an inscription on the stone indicating the construction dates of the building and the names of  architect, builder, and other significant individuals. The rite of laying a cornerstone is an important cultural component of eastern architecture and metaphorically in sacred architecture  generally.

Thanks to the Grand Lodge of Florida and Parker Masonic Lodge No. 142 in Parker, Florida for this ceremony.