Earle Hagen

Earle Harry Hagen was an American composer who created music for movies and television. His best-known TV themes include those for Make Room for Daddy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Spy, That Girl and The Mod Squad. According to Hagen, The Andy Griffith Show called for “a simple tune,” so that’s what they delivered. He says it was written in about 15 minutes. Hagen did the famous whistling.

John Banner

Hogan’s Heroes (1965)

Johann Banner, was an Austrian-born American actor, best known for his role as  Sergeant Schultz  in the  situation comedy Hogan’s Heroes  (1965–1971). Schultz, constantly encountering evidence that the inmates of his stalag were planning mayhem, frequently feigned ignorance with the catchphrase, “I see nothing! I hear nothing! I know nothing!” (or, more commonly as the series went on, “I know nothing, nothing!“).

Gurt Fröbe

AKA Auric Goldfinger

Tall, portly built German born actor (and talented violinist) who notched up over 100 film appearances, predominantly in German-language productions. He will forever be remembered by Western audiences as the bombastic megalomaniac “Auric Goldfinger” trying to kill Sean Connery and irradiate the vast US gold reserves within Fort Knox in the spectacular “James Bond” film Goldfinger (1964). However, due to Fröbe’s thick German accent, his voice was actually dubbed by English actor, Michael Collins.

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Hi. I’m Ron Reale

islamophobe definition:
Anyone smart enough to realize that islam is NOT a religion, but a political system dependent on the barbaric sharia law, which uses intimidation, violence and beheadings to force everyone into submission, (islam does not mean “peace”, it means “submission”)
For the Children
I am a “white man” who loves his nation. I love everyone who loves my nation, color be damned. I have been slandered and libeled, publicly and repeatedly. Coke told me to be “less white”. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is slandering me to our children.
Who is John Doe?
They are the people of all races, colors or creeds that make a United States possible. Their collective belief in the ideals and principles of our founding documents hold our great country together.
Murderous Governors
We are being lied to. We are being played by our politicians, Law Enforcement on all levels, and all POTUS since sanctuary cities started. It could have and should have been stopped immediately. Trump did nothing about it, when he could have stopped it instantly.
Labron James Hates the Lie!
No one mentions that Lebron James is the largest “China Doll” China has ever produced. The first “China Doll” to actually be able to speak the CCP propaganda. The first “China Doll” to actually be able to travel under it’s own power, (with CCP money, of course), worldwide and spout their deadly lies.