For the Children


Hi. I’m Ron Reale. I am a “white man” who loves his nation. I love everyone who loves my nation, color be damned.

I have been slandered and libeled, publicly and repeatedly. Coke told me to be “less white”. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is slandering me to our children. CRT is slandering and libeling our children, with the expressed purpose of harming them!

I have been getting ready to file a class action lawsuit against every business, school, entity or person stating as fact that all white people are racist. I want to sue for BILLIONS for every white person in the world! (Coke is global, so are others). Right now, the CRT is on offensive, bullying all to go along, (with the implicit threat of riots or business disruptions). They claim they can’t be racist because they don’t have the economic or political power. They do have the power of their violence, the cover of the media and the Democrats backing up their racism. This small minority is intent on keeping Patriots of all colors from uniting this country. We can not let this stand.

For the Children

We need to file and start collecting signatures. The publicity, (I have the PR firm ready), will go worldwide, and people will respond. We need to file for billions, get the attention of the national press, and demand these people who have slandered and libeled us and our children be held responsible under the law. Make them explain the proof that I, Ron Reale, and each and every one of my fellow signators, am a racist.

Going after the theory alone isn’t the answer. We need to financially punish every person or institution promoting this, telling people we don’t know, that can never find out the truth, that we are racists.

Talk show hosts, media figures, Hollywood perverts…if the words white people are racist is on video, we need to find it. Please feel free to contact me. I have been in or on the fringes of TV and internet news for decades. This lawsuit would put us on offense, when they have no legal defense! The sunshine of the truth will destroy them. The lawyers they will need will bleed them dry.

We will never unite with fellow patriots who love this country unless we destroy the liars dividing us.

Think about it. 

Ron Reale