Lebron James Hates the Lie!

Lebron James Hates the Lie!

No one mentions that Lebron James is the largest “China Doll” China has ever produced.

The first “China Doll” to actually be able to speak the CCP propaganda. The first “China Doll” to actually be able to travel under it’s own power, (with CCP money, of course), worldwide and spout their deadly lies.  Trust your eyes.

The officer that shot the murderous “child” did so to save a real child. An unarmed child, who for whatever reason was about to be killed.

The hero officer did not see two children.

He saw, in less than a split second, a chaotic scene evolve into tunnel vision on the back of an armed attempted murderer and a frightened, unarmed child victim.

The HERO officer shot for the children. He did right thing, and kept firing until threat was over. (With the attempted murderers continuing forward motion, he could not know until she fell that see was no longer a deadly missile.)

Lebron James wanted that unarmed child dead. So did #obamashandler, that Iranian anti-American bitch Valerie Jarrett. 

The other anti-Americans from the #moslemshitholes, Omar and Talib, joined in the condemnation of stopping teens from fighting with knives! 

The want the barbarity of their home countries in our streets. Somalia. Iran. The imaginary country Talib says she’s from. 

They all hate America. China hates America. Lebron James hates the lie he has been taught about what America is. 

James is ignorant of real life statistics on crimes and shootings of blacks by police. 

Considering black men rape 20 to 30,000 white women every year, while whites rape less than 10 blacks a year, you would think a lot more than the less than 30 blacks killed by cops would be the norm. 


Considering the fact that in every crime, (murder, assault, attacks on other races), it is blacks that are heavily overrepresented as the aggressors, murders and hateful people hurting others, you would think a lot more than the less than 30 blacks killed by cops would be the norm.

#ChinaDollJames has never seen the DOJ facts on crimes and who commits them.

The China-owned media sees to it none of this is ever mentioned on tv without immediate denunciation of the person or report that mentions them, (as though that mitigates the crimes).

Now, I would be a bigger asshole than #chinadolljames if I used these stats to denounce every black person.

But they have to be mentioned in the context of Chinese agents like James trying to claim the black people are just victims of life, waiting for a cop to kill them for no reason.

Why weren’t the parents of the 13 yr old kid shot by police arrested? Jailed for contributing to the delinquency and child abuse? 

Why isn’t every Chicago parent arrested when their juvenile child is arrested or caught out late. 

Why is society supposed to raise these fatherless children. 

Has #ChinaJames any answers for the fatherless children condemned to the lives he and the NBA leave in the streets?

How many children with different mothers do professional sports players have, of any race?

Until #Lebron decides to read the FBI/DOJ Interracial crime statistics, and learn about the truth of the streets, he should enjoy his filthy #ChinaFluMoney and #shutupanddribble.

Please, do something. I’ll help with research where I can.

Ron Reale