Who is John, (Or Jane), Doe?

Who is John, (Or Jane), Doe?

They are the people of all races, colors or creeds that make a United States possible. Their collective belief in the ideals and principles of our founding documents hold our great country together.

People who, while they may disagree over policies, know the Constitution will allow for the communication necessary for their country to function. And not just function, but reach heights of discovery and personal rights never seen in history. In a quarter of a century, we went from a British colony to the most powerful and successful country in the world. Because of John Doe..

These people truly love their country and their fellow countrymen. They are insulted by anyone harming or misleading any of them. They are protective of their countrymen. The real John Doe, if I may quote the great philosopher, Sir Charles Barkley, knows most people, black or white, are “wonderful,” “good”, and “decent” people.

They know 2 + 2 = equals 4. Now and forever. Period. They know being proud of your personal and familial heritage doesn’t mean you “hate” any others. They are offended by anyone trying to make them say things they know aren’t true.

They know there are two sexes and genders. Saying so isn’t “violence” against any of the sexually confused who think otherwise. They are saddened by the harm being done to the uninformed by the “pandemic”.

(38 million people died worldwide in 2019 from influenza, or the regular flu. In 2020? One million or less.) But yeah, wear two masks. 


Every place lifting mask restrictions, deaths go down, cases go down.

But run to get your, “vaccine”. Have you stopped to read what’s in the shots? Do you know none of them are FDA approved? That they are being used as “emergency use”, which by law, cannot be compulsory?

They know politicians, actors, newspeople and internet sites lied about lifesaving treatments, banning them from their sites or ridiculing, lying about and creating false narratives to keep people from the truth… in other words, they colluded to kill people.

They know the truth.

They know politicians, media figures and the same internet sites hate all of us, and want us to hate each other.

They know being John Doe is hard.

They’ve felt the ridicule, scorn and attempted isolation, all the usual Saul Alinsky Democrat party tactics… but they stand strong in their American beliefs, their God, family and country. 


Because John Doe has fought many battles through the centuries for his country. He has defended her, and changed with her as the years passed.

He knows we will survive this. He knows how and who will do it.

John Doe will do it.
Who is John Doe?
I am John Doe.
Are you?